• Possê

    Possê is about community, about adding and connecting. It suggests a game of interaction and participation to create a shared atmosphere.
    Percussion understood as a symbol of union, ritual and celebration in a society that is increasingly connected but also, paradoxically, increasingly individualistic.

Possê means community, group, family… A show that includes a clear vindication of public space. A space that we have been missing, and still miss today so much, due to the current health crisis.

It is a cry of hope to recover the street as a space for coexistence. An ideal show for the current times, a show that right from its premiere reminds us that “everything will be OK”.

Sound de Secà uniquely fuses the music of its percussion instruments, dance and theatre, creating a characteristic and personal language.

Possê proposes an interactive game, while maintaining physical distance, to share a place and a moment. A catharsis of energy and positivism in the audience from beginning to end.


Carlos Montfort, Maria Salarich, Montse Pelfort and the unconditional support of all the members of sound de Secà.

A FiraTàrrega co production in collaboration with Lloret Outdoor Summer Festival and Festival Paupaterres.

Technical rider

All the audience · No Text · 8 performers · Street

Itinerant · 45 min | Static · 35

The press says

“The main achievement is its attitude, fully active and radiating with expression.”

“And for a moment it suddenly seems like we’re all a bit closer together.”

“The anthem of FiraTàrrega”

“Sound de Secà has probably made the most explicit vindication of public space as a place to unite.”