Sound de Secà once again reclaims the streets and squares, turning them into a party for the community and a celebration of collective vitality.

Anarchic characters burst into the street with a travelling party. Armed with a daring spirit, they constantly engage with the audience through percussion, theatre, movement and voice. Everyone ends up being a part of the fun, in an atmosphere of light, colour and visual extravagance.

A journey through funk and hip-hop, a mixture of rhythms of our own production, with a fresh, impressive and electric sound.


Laura Barquets, Robert Canela, Sandra Garcia, Joan Gonzalez, Núria Pulido, Jordi Talavera, Natàlia Morales, Bernardo Manzambi


Genís Farran

Art direction

Robert Canela

Musical direction

Heika Villar

Movement direction

Josep Rosell

Costume design